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Attention supporters!

The jowee set is about to expire (unless 76 supporters support this project within the next day) and I would like to thank you, the supporters, for supporting this project. It was great to hear what you thought of the project and what you thought of Drawn to Life in the comments. It has left me quite touched.

Would I re-submit the project? Oh yeah! But this will take some time as I'm going to add some extra content. The chest would be included and a green hill for Jowee to stand on. I was thinking of adding a flower to the set as well (a reference to the flower Jowee gives Mari in the game) if you have any ideas on what the flower should be I'd love to hear it. Go nuts... even if it's a flower made of pizza. Expect the project to probably be released by the end of November/December 2016.



For fans of the game, you know that Jowee wanted to find treasure in the first game. So, I’ve added a treasure chest to the set including a special object inside.

Jowee: Hmm, a chest I wonder what’s inside.

Jowee: It's... It's...

Jowee: ...a book about whales?