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Rakugo Theater

Rakugo is a form of traditional Japanese entertainment form that consists of a Rakugo artist sitting on a raised platform, a kōza, on stage. There the artist tells a long story with dialogue from multiple characters and is usually comedic in nature. The artist achieves this with few props and without every standing up. The set picture is a model Rakugo theatre that maintains many traditional elements including the shoji, sliding, doors. The outside of this build has a ticket booth on the left hand side, to its right are signs describing the acts that will take place that day and a bike rack for theater goers. Inside there is setting and a stage. On top of the stage is the kōza with a purple cushion resting on top for the Rakugo artist to sit on. 

This set consists of 1275 parts and would be a great addition to any builders Lego City, in particular builders who enjoy historical or traditional builds. 

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