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Mine craft: Mountain's and cave's

This is my mine craft project. It is simply the mountain's and cave's you encounter in the game made into a micro scale model. You can split the model apart just like the micro world set and redesign this however you want from just 1 mountain to a maximum of 4. Or you can just take the top off completely and play in the cave's either way this would be a great mine craft set and i hope you will please support it.
Youtube Video here:

New Update Includes 3 new Micro Mobs: Skeleton, Enderman and Sheep

This is what the cave section looks like.

This is what the mountain section looks like.
You can also see the 3 micro mobs included in the set

This is the mountain section split apart to redesign the look of it.

This is what the caves look like split apart so you can redesign the look of it.

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