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The Big Library


The Big Library

It's a three floors building. First and second floor are dedicated to the library with a modern entrance where you have to present your magnetic card to go through the gate. Then you will find a big reception office and a stair to access the second floor. Obviously, you may find restroom (for boys and girls) and the director's place.
The second floor is the most interesting place when you want to read a book or to study quietly. There are many books and three big tables.
To go to the third floor, you have to use the outside stairs which bring you to a cute bakery shop with all sweet food you can imagine and all fresh and hot drinks you will need !

I wanted to build a library because it's such a good place to take a rest and read a book you can't find in another place, it's a quiet, nice and calm spot. I think people aren't going there as much as they were used to, maybe because of the developpement of new technologies but I think both aren't missmatching !
I decided to add a bakery shop upside the library because we all are hungry when we leave it !

I think it would be a great LEGO set because it can match with LEGO City set, or LEGO Creator set, and even with Ninjago, why not ?! It's a build that can find its place in every fan of LEGO's house !

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