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The Oregon Trail


Take a step back to yesteryear. Many of us have fond memories of the days that the class got to go to the computer lab and play The Oregon Trail, and it was an exceptionally great day if you got a computer that had color and not the all green screen. We had fun and learned a bit of history.

This set is meant to capture some of the iconic parts of the game.  First and foremost we have the wagon pulled by a pair of oxen and has a removable top to see inside. Then there is the family of 5. There is a bear and some critters from the hunting mini-game. The wagon is loaded with food and tools. Also included is a display sign with The Oregon Trail title on it.

My future plans for this set include adding original outfits for the mini-figs and having reversible heads that show them being sick from the various illnesses you could get.  I'm also thinking of throwing in an alternate pair of legs with a broken leg. However these updates are dependent on me improving my skills at making alternate skins for the bricks. I would also like for the ladies to have bonnets but no such piece currently exist.

I am open to any suggestions of things that I might have missed or could be improved.

You can see more pictures and LFX files here:

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