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Tokyo Disney Land ToonTown

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Nice to meet you, it is yusukey. I invented the first time. There are very deep feelings in this Toontown I am.

It, I was allowed conceived because I like more than any theme land work that I wanted to be the future, and, come true in this place.

You're welcome and content, is a set that can be assembled attractions and dining options that exist in this theme land, until the popcorn wagon and souvenir shop. I am thinking of - ¥ 8780 from - ¥ 7480 price.

Imagination at the time as the reason for the second idea, was asked to assemble here as a map instead of the children turn out to Magic Kingdom and dream, I felt to go to play and the actual creativity you have built up in the home intertwine I think whether of not.
I think as the width of the product, and do not be finished in the more realistic if you can to the base of the block as well as lead to coalescence of the theme of other land can be.

More than anything, I would appreciate go to visit through this work to children that never came to play still to Tokyo Disneyland and family, and their children, which I am looking forward to going to play all.

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