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LEGO Gingerbread House Tissue Box Cover

The Gingerbread House Tissue Box Cover
For years I have tried to find a tissue box cover that looked like a gingerbread house to fit in with a collection of cookie jars and other decorations that looked like gingerbread houses. I could never find one. I have downsized and that collection is gone, but I have built what I wanted!
I have made a few to share with family, but hope to share it with others by entering it as a LEGO Idea.
The house has snow on the roof and ground and white borders around the door and windows, just like the icing on a house built of gingerbread pieces – you just can’t eat it! And the tissue popping up from the chimney looks just like smoke. Because gingerbread houses are usually built during the Christmas holidays, I’ve added one of the LEGO wreath designs over the door.

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