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Amtrak Turbo Train


In Amtrak’s 49-year existence, they have operated many different kinds of trains. One of these was Turbo Train. The Turbo Train was a gas powered- high speed train that operated in Canada and the United States of America for over a decade and a half. Amtrak’s Turbo Trains operated in the Northeastern United States of America  usually between New York City, USA and Boston, USA.

This Turbo Train has 1483 parts, two power/ passenger cars, three passenger cars, and six minifigures. The two power/ passenger cars are where the engineer sits and drives the train. In those cars there is also seating on the top level and some on the bottom with stairs for minifigures to move between levels. There are three passenger cars that have doors, and places to sit for 8 minifigures. There are 6 total minifigures that come in the set. There is one engineer, one conductor, two male passengers, and two female passengers. 

What is great about this set is that it can be used for a few different things. It can be used for display, it can be used for play, and it can be used in your LEGO city.

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