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A Mysterious Temple

Following the adventure of Varghan, here is the scene where he found his sceptre in a mysterious place, a forgotten temple where dark forces are closed to the light.

In this scene, I want to show the equilibrium between Nature forces and the Chaos, this concept being represented by a man in black and with a red fire as a head.

The sceptre is surrounded by lighting which, of course, won’t hurt the one who deserves it.

There is also a prison beside the sanctuary for those who tried to get the sceptre.

The dark temple is directly below the forgotten temple and can be used separately. Initially, I created a black gate but thought it could be nice, and original, to make a vegetable wall…you will tell me.

Finally, I am still motivated to develop the Varghan story, thanks for your support and family support of course.

Finally, this set includes 648 bricks.

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