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Taco Truck


The Taco Truck

After months of building, destroying, and rebuilding, I had the idea to build this taco truck because today food trucks are the style and there are very few of these unique sets. (There is only a pizza van).


The taco truck has tons of unique features. One is a giant taco on top of the van. There is also a working order window and a ladder on the back of the truck. You can even find stickers on the side that has the menu and a sticker on the front that says taco. On the inside, there are many features. Those features are cabinets, a sink, a stove, a counter, and an air condition. The air condition is hard to see but it’s by the big window in the back.

Color scheme

I chose the colors red, white, and green because it matches the color of the taco and I felt like it was a taco theme. 

How you can use it

You can do quite a few of different things with this truck. You can open and close the order window and door. You can also take off the top of the truck to interact with the pieces inside.


The truck is eight (8) studs wide by twenty-four (24) studs long. (8x24)

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