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Mr. Bean

Rediscover the timeless TV show of Mr. Bean! Recreate iconic scenes from multiple episodes, ranging from "The Trouble with Mr. Bean" all the way to the classic "Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean"! Display and/or reenact some of the most iconic scenes from the show with these models!

  • Ride home from the department store with a couch on top of Mr. Bean's car!

  • Get ready for Christmas dinner by preparing a turkey, but not before you find Mr. Bean's watch!

  • Prepare the suitcase for Mr. Bean's vacation, and make sure everything fits! Will Teddy need a trim?

Use pieces from this set and from your collection to create more hilarious scenes for Mr. Bean! The possibilities with Mr. Bean are not only endless, but will bring joy and laughter to everyone!

< With your free support, this project could become a real LEGO set sold worldwide! >

Make sure to share with your friends and on social media using the tag #LEGOMrBean! Together, we can make LEGO Mr. Bean happen!

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