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Broadcating Team Set


~Make your own movie !

If you have this Broadcating Team Set, you can make your own movie.
Action, Romantic, Horror etc...

It is consist of moving camera, standing camera, lamp, handy camera, microphone, and supporting items for broadcasting.

Moving camera can moving around the studio, and also can filming upper side.

standing camera is usually filming one actor. It can also catch the actor's detail face.

Lamp is used for controlling the light.

Handy camera is usually filming moving actor.

When cameras and broadcasting items are doesn't work, you can use supporting items.

extra camera, microphone, and walkie-talkie.


Enjoy your LEGO MOVIE :)

Have a Nice Day :)

1st Creation : Mini Coffee Machine :
2nd Creation : Mini Ice Cream Machine :
3rd Creation : Mini Hat Kiosk
4th Creation : Mini DJing Machine

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