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Where the Wild Things Are


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Since its release in 1963, Where the Wild Things Are has enchanted generations of children with its fantastical landscapes and ferocious, yet lovable, creatures. Maurice Sendak's playful and sympathetic depiction of childhood impulses has ensured that Max's adventure remains a timeless classic. What better way, then, to capture that creativity and nostalgia than with Lego? Lego has created a world of imagination and play just as compelling as Sendak's, one where forests really do grow in rooms and each child can have their own private boat.

I built seven different Wild Things, each of which has some degree of posability. While there was a lot of flora to choose from, I tried to pick the most distinctive plants from across the book, as well as Max's tent. The plants are all built separately, so they can be rearranged into a variety of scenes. I based the last four pictures on specific illustrations from the book, following Max's adventure from his arrival on the island to the sleepy morning when he decides to leave.

My favorite Wild Thing has always been the blue and grey one. Do you have a favorite Wild Thing that you would want to see included in the set?

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