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Downtown Drugstore and Guitar Shop



It has been my dream for a while to collect and display every Lego Creator Expert modular building ever made.

This drugstore, complete with an office on the 2nd and 3rd floors, and a drugstore/apartment next door, is compatible with those Lego Creator buildings. I went for a traditional look on the drugstore (maybe 1930s or 40s) and a noticeably more modern look on the guitar store. 

The drugstore has a front desk, two large shelves full of medicines, a soda fountain (as many old drugstores do), and seats seven minifigures. There is an office on the second and third floors, with many cubicles and a nice large office for the boss.

The guitar store is jam-packed with a wall full of guitars (one of them is missing because the punk dude is buying one.) On the second and third floors there is a tiny little apartment. 

This build contains a total of 11 minifigures. 

Thanks a ton for viewing (and hopefully supporting) this build! It means a lot. 

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