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Heavy Hauler - Detailed Tractor and Lowboy Trailer


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I created the tractor with my 4 year old son who loves Legos. We don't have a ton to work with so to make the trailer I had to use Lego Digital Designer. 

The tractor is not Mmake or model specific but still has a realistic appearance as a sleeper cab model with a functioning forward tilt hood revealing the engine underneath. Standard details you expect to see include mirrors, fuel cells, rear exhaust stacks, big bumper, and horns on the roof. The little details is what sets this one apart; chain rack behind the cab with back up lights, functioning 5th wheel hitch as well as a standard bumper hitch (both with simulated couplings for safety chains), and rear axles locked together through gearboxes and a short drive shaft. Inside you will find two seats slightly raised from the floor, steering wheel, dashboard with gauges, and a stick shift on the floor just like the real thing!

Moving on to the low boy trailer you will find an extra wide load of the largest wheels and tires Lego makes. They look right at home on this trailer, as if they are making their way to a large quarry. The tires are chained down with a simple 4-way link at the top. Again, as with the tractor, you will notice the scale appearance you would expect. Upon closer inspection you will notice all the details such as, wood decking, brake canisters, mud flaps, and wide load signage for the rear. This trailer also has a functioning low boy style hitch to separate the trailer just like the real ones! This hitch would be sprung using a rubber band (not visible in the pictures due to LDD limitations). Lastly, just to make it operate perfectly, the triple axle in the rear is set up to rock. This allows the trailer to tilt up and down at the hitch while keeping all six tires on the ground, similar to real multi-axle trailers.

Thanks for checking out my creation! If I only had the pieces to build it for real...

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