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LEGO Masters


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LEGO Masters is based on the Channel 4 TV show of the same name.

The model is inspired by the first episode of the first (of hopefully many) season of LEGO Masters.

The model

This set provides the LEGO Masters workroom, filled to the brim with bricks and builds.

There is room for 8 teams of two to prepare their creations (at desks arranged on two hinged platforms that can open and close to extend play space.)

There is a central table for displaying completed builds, with a combination of smooth surfaces and studs allowing for easy movement of each creation.

Each team has responded to the theme “Brick Banquet.” Their creations include a floating teacup (oops, looks like some tea has been spilled), a stuffed boar head, prawn toast to go with a delicious Chinese meal, towers of cakes, piles of fruit, the list goes on.

There are also wild and wacky chairs. Find the tiny climbers scaling the Adventure Chair, steer the NASA chair into outer space, travel back in time to medieval days, do your daily business - the options are endless. (One chair even has a lion’s face, oh my!) 

Bricks fill the workroom and a wall of colourful sorting drawers completes the scene. Atop the shelves, there are also some decorative builds including an iconic LEGO castle, a cheeky whale, bowling pins and, of course, a unicorn. (Because unicorns always make things a little more fabulous.)

The Minifigs

I’ve included a whopping 19 Minifigs in this proposed set.

I know that this is almost certainly far, far too many for a commercially viable LEGO Ideas product but I just couldn’t leave out any of the wonderful competitors from series one. They were all ace and all worked hard, so in they went!

Joining the contestants are judges Roma Agrawal, LEGO's Matthew Ashton and host Melvin Odoom. (Melvin has his trusty helmet and bottom padding ready so that he can safely judge chair sturdiness. Safety first kids.)


I’m not an experienced microscale designer and so I was really challenged by the task of reducing the competitor’s large-scale creations to Minifig scale objects and chairs. If this project makes it to a review, I’d expect that the LEGO team would find all kinds of creative ways of improving these micro builds.

There are also some aspects of this design that I couldn’t realise fully with the equipment I have at hand.

Ideally, the LEGO sorting drawers that line the back wall of the workroom would be comprised of transparent elements but my computer just isn’t up to the task of rendering lots of transparent pieces. I’ve included an example of the combination of transparent pieces I’d have loved to use throughout so that you can see what I intended.

Finally, I’d love for each of the sorting drawers to contain a range of unique and interesting LEGO element of a matching colour. This would provide all the building blocks set owners would need to make their own micro builds.

Why this set might appeal to all sorts of LEGO collectors:

  • It's bright, cherful and encourages people to think about making MOCs and meeting challenges
  • It has a high piece count (around 1030 pieces are used in these renders, plus Minifigs)
  • It includes lots of elements in new colours
  • It has a a high Minifig count with some fun new decals and also lots of 'everyday' looks that'll work in all sorts of MOCs

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Thanks for reading and for your support of this LEGO Masters proposal.


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