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Green Lantern's Walker vs. Sinestro's Jet Bike


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This project continues the age old battle between Green Lantern and Sinestro. The project includes 2 minifigs and 2 vehicles. More pictures will be added in an update.

Green Lantern's Walker:

The walker is very poseable, but doesn't have any arms. The reason for that is because I wanted the walker to be heavily armed. I felt that if it had arms, it wouldn't be as heavily armed. The walker has 2 stud shooters and 2 spring-loaded missiles.

Sinestro's Jet Bike:

Jet bikes are new to a lot of people so I will try to describe them as concisely as possible. In space, Jet Bikes are used as a way to get around quickly; they are an equivalent to motorized scooters. Sinestro's Jet Bike has the capability of shooting the power of his ring from the front of the Jet Bike. The Jet Bike also has a very sleek design.

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