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Deep Sea Exploration Team


About This Project

This set is my deep sea exploration team which consists of a Stingray drone, a deep sea mechsuit, and a submarine with cargo box for bringing equipment up/down as well as treasure. The sub's cockpit can hold one pilot and opens from the front and top for easy access. The sub also has adjustable engines on it's sides. The Stingray drone is controlled by the sub or by the surface ship. The drone has props that are adjustable. The drone's eyes are cameras. It's tail doubles as a grabber for hard to reach areas. The tail is very adjustable. The deep sea mechsuit has a large light on one shoulder that can spin 360 degrees. Then on the other shoulder it has a Hi res camera that can spin 360 degrees. On the mechsuit's back is twin engines for fast movement through the water. The suit's arms and legs have high articulation. The suit can only hold one pilot. Together this team can start the search for treasure.

Play Features:

  • Sub can hold one minifigure in the cockpit and one in the back with treasure.
  • Sub has a cargo hold in the back for carrying supplies/personnel/treasure/artifacts.
  • Sub has adjustable engines on the side.
  • Sub's cockpit opens from the front and top for easy access.
  • The drone has adjustable engines and tail.
  • The mechsuit has adjustable legs and arms.
  • The mechsuit can hold one minifigure in the cockpit.
  • The suit's large light and hi res camera can spin 360 degrees.
  • All props spin.


  • Three minifigures.(Two deep sea divers and one mechsuit pilot.)
  • One treasure chest with treasure.
  • One hammer.
  • One crowbar.

I love underwater exploration in Lego and in real life. Please support and share if you like this set thank you.

Thank you for your support.


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