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Hello Internet and welcome to this to this LEGO Ideas project!

  This LEGO Ideas project is based on a YouTube channel called GTLive (or Game Theory), run by MatPat and Stephanie. The set represents the GTLive streaming room (GTHQ as they call it). It's filled with eastereggs from their live streams: Larry the lobster, sénior fish, a watermelon, marshmallows, a can of coke, drama lama, a cactus, a water bottle, tea and MatPat and Stephanie Brickheadz. The model includes  4 minifigures and 2 pets: MatPat (brown hair and hoodie), Stephanie, Jeason (red shirt and with a little beard), Chris (the blond one), Skip (the cat) and Peepachew (the yellow rabbit thingy). On the other side of is a display stand where all the minifigures can be displayed, with the Game Theory logo in the background. The set also includes original fan art on the wall made by the fans of the channel (the authors are listed here: Fuglsang, Christiana Ariel, xOtakuStarx, MariaMediaHere, MikeCreator, ElsaRivrwood, lollzida, WishfulVixen). I suggest that the minifigures had flesh colored faces and exclusive torso prints.

        But hey! It's just a project, a LEGO Ideas project. Thanks for supporting.

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