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Speedchampions Car Transporter Trailer

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With the growing popularity of the Speed Champions Series, i think a special car transporter specific for this LEGO line-up.

The car transporter trailer it's absolutely in S.C. scale and i made it with a learned mix of Classic Lego and Technic brick.

The first to have a smooth line and the second for a structure.

We have a total of only 488 brick, an incredible small number compared with a single car.

The Car is not included in the set and the trailer it's been simple adapted to most LEGO and Technic tractor.

It's possible to transport 5 cars!! 2 under and 3 in the upside with this part obviously reclining.

This also has an easel when you park it in a LEGO place to waiting to charge or descharge your new Speed Champions Cars, some lateral parcking lights and 6 twins big wheel adapt to any type of duty transport anywhere you want.


Data la crescente popolarità della linea Speed Champions ho deciso di realizzare questa bisarca da zero alla quale si possono collegare diverse motrici anche Technic.

La bisarca è realizzata in scala SC e può contenerne fino a 5 contemporaneamente, di cui 3 sopra e due sotto.

La parte superiore è ovviamente, come la rampa di accesso, reclinabile.

Presenta pure un cavalletto semplice da azionare per parcheggiarla quando la motrice non è collegata.

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