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Anchor Rocket Ballista Launcher


This build is inspired by Metalbeard42's catapult idea to send medieval satellites into space.
after giving some thought to it, catapults are great for hitting things on the ground, but for launching something into space, i propose a different way(yet still staying in the medieval theme), So here it is:

Introducing: The Medieval Anchor Rocket Ballista launcher.

Getting things in space is now incredibly easy with this launcher! unlike traditional rockets where you push/carry things into space - this launcher does the complete opposite, by pulling objects into space!
(yes that includes medieval satellites!)

Tether your payload to a really really heavy object - the anchor, (which is strapped to a rocket with navigational controls) and blast them into the final frontier!

Set Includes:

  • An Anchor
  • A computer assisted anchor rocket ballista launcher
  • A Knight
  • A net with payload ( 1 treasure chest and 2 barrels)

Disclaimer: Obviously this is not the best way to send things into space, but when did imagination followed the laws of physics? :)

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