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El Castillo Temple

*** The red head of the jaguar should be printed with jaguar face as well as the 2x6 black tile with El Castillo write on it. ***

What is it?: My LEGO build is a Mayan temple call El Castillo in Mexico. This temple is a wonder of the world protected by UNESCO. I tried to make the red jaguar that is inside the temple found in 1936. You can find the red jaguar by removing the top of the temple.

Why did I build it?: I build this set because as a first set it is not that hard and not too simple and I like all the Mayan civilisation builds, so I decide to build it.

Why do I believe this would make a great LEGO set?: This can make a great LEGO set because almost all wonders of the world have been made but not this one, and I think it will go great in the Architecture LEGO series.

Last thing: if my English his bad it is because I don't normally speak or write English, so I'm really sorry about that and if my description is bad please tell me what and how I can do it better :)

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