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Scenic Mountain Cruise of America


My  Nephew asked me to make something fun for the summer time and here is my idea. It is called Scenic Mountain Cruise of America. I hope that people like this idea and help me get to the end where Lego can make it. Please feel free to vote and share with your friends. The set comes with three Employees two of them are the drivers for the boat, the other one is a ticket scanner, the set also comes with mountains, lakes, Customers, a self service ticket printer, a ticke printer, a cell phone to scan the tickets.  a  walkie talkie, a box of  lifejackets, a box of binoculars for the customers to rent or buy. and waterbottles for purchase at the ticket counter. I  built this set today and Lego does not build any boat sets and it is almost summer time where i live. This set was easy to build it is a lot of fun and it people should get out and enjoy summer activites like this idea. So come and ride on the Scenic Mountains Cruise of America and enjoy your trip to the Mountains!.

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