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Lost at Sea


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There was a bad, brutal storm. A typhoon! The ship was destroyed along with the entire crew and cargo; except for one. The mini-figure was stranded on a raft he had quickly put together while floating in the North Atlantic Ocean. Finally the wind had carried him and the raft to an island. He made a small hut from some tree branches and wood pieces, started a fire, and cooked a fish he had caught earlier.

The next morning, he stuck a letter he had written in a bottle so if anyone were to find it they could locate where he was. He then threw it into the ocean, hoping and praying it would stumble upon somebody.


Here is my newest Lego Ideas project. It is called Lost at Sea. It contains 1 mini-figure, a raft, and an island. The raft has some neat, little features ( i.e. a fishing pole rack, a little desk for writing on, and a bucket for collecting fresh rain water). The island includes a small beach with frog, a tree, a campfire and fish, and a small hut.

Overall, I think this could be a fun play set. I hope to get at least 100 supporters so this will get a years worth more of time!

This idea includes 137 pieces. I would range the price to be from $15 - $20 (£11 - £15 or €13 - €18).

All the support is greatly appreciated!



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