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Baker Street 221b


The Baker Street 221b in London is the home from the most popular detective in the world... Sherlock Holmes! He and his partner and friend Doktor Watson solved a lot mysterous crimes in London in the 19th century. Created by Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock became the most famous detectiv in the bookstores and cinemas. 

This Lego-Set "22th Baker Street" is an homage to him. It shows a office (of corse untidy), a chimney and living room and a attic.


The minifigures:

-Sherlock Holmes (with amagnifying glass and a pipe)

- Doktor John H. Watson (with a walking stick and a revolver)

-Policeman (with a truncheon and a revolver) 

-London Woman (with an air fan)

Animals: alley cat, spider in web

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