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Playstation 4 Console


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We all loved the next gen console and now it is leaving us. The most famous console the Playstation 4. Lets remember it with an epic Lego Set.

For me the Ps4 is a big point of my childhood. I loved to play with it, to play with friends even if their lives in another country and speaks another language, it doesn´t matters. The Ps4 brought so many people together we loved to play with each other and to exchange our Ideas. Now it is leaving us and hopefully the next one will be that amazing.
Through a Lego Set everyone will remember the awesome time when he or she was playing their most favourite games.

I came up with the  idea the build this Model just some month ago when we all knew that the ps4 will leave us and we need something what represents it and we will remember. The Ps4 deserve something better than be left unknown and be replaced by the next one. So I thought the Idea will be great.

This Idea Shows the Ps4 console with controller which was released November 15/2013. You can see the vent through a window and you can build the light in two different colours, blue for "On Mode" and yellow for "Rest Mode"

It will be a great lego Set, because it will be a great addition to the Nintendo console and will fit to all of us who played together and will remember us every day.

Round about 1500 pieces
Ps4 box
Size 1:1

Let´s give the Ps4 a last big tribute and big honor!!!!

So let´s bring all your friends together and take the chance to have an epic and Iconic Lego Set.  ;)

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