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Little Green Monster

Here I have constructed a green pick-up show truck. I call it little green monster. The pick-up has a very angular design. The rims fit perfectly with the rest of the truck. It has oversized tires and a huge chassis. A V8 engine and a double compressor were installed here as a drive. A large radiator grille serves as protection at the front. 2 exhaust pipes were installed at the bottom of the truck. There are running boards on the fenders. It's a two-seater. In the cockpit, next to the steering wheel, there are 2 displays. Eat the doors open. There is a large loading area at the rear. There is also a matching racing pilot to match the green truck. I think children can also play great with it in the sand. This set consists of 240 parts. I would be very happy if Lego would support it.

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