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Super Villain Meeting

All of the greatest of Spiderman's foes have come together to finally get rid of that wall-crawling menace once and for all. The only thing they are missing is a plan...
This would be the Kingpin's headquarters, specifically his conference room. It would include computer systems, a large round table, a Spiderman hologram on the table, and three screens that would have Spiderman decals on them( him fighting other characters or just being spied on around the city.) Note: This set could have more walls and detail but was made this way because the LDD is very difficult to use. I will always be editing this set and welcome suggestions on more detail.

Note: "Big Figs" are to represent the character and is not the way they would look if created. Figures in this set would/could include (from left to right) Carnage, Alistair Smythe(as Ultimate Spider Slayer), Kingpin(Big Fig), Scorpion, Chameleon, Shocker, Venom, Hobgoblin, Sandman, Electro(classic costume), Kraven The Hunter, Rhino(Big Fig), Mysterio, Vulture, and Doctor Octopus(classic costume).
Also included are character accessories: Doc Ock's tentacles, Hobgoblin's glider, shoulder satchel and a pumpkin grenade, Kraven's spear, Electro's electric base, Shocker's lightning, Sandman's sand legs( tan bricks built around his legs), Scorpion's tail, Alistair Smythe's mounted blasters, and Venom's and Carnage's tentacles.

This is what the actual characters would look like.

This is what Kingpin and Rhino would look like.

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