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Tiny Moon Base (Expanded)


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Hi everyone! I have made a microscale moonbase! It has a train system (that I came up with myself) and two trains... well, the cars aren't connected, but that's because it would be too bulky. It also has two massive landing pads with space (no pun intended) for two shuttles each. Oh, I should probably mention that there are a couple of tunnels for the trains to go through, and one of the landing pads has a half-tunnel as one of its supports! The whole complex has the iconic classic space blue/light gray/trans-yellow color scheme. There are 28 spacemen (4 each of all the original colors [red, blue, white, black, and yellow] as well as 4 each of the newer colors [green and orange {as I am not a fan of pink}]) Anyway, there are also stands for the shuttles, so you can make them look like they are flying! I should also probably mention there are two cranes that can pick up the containers from the train's flatbed car. (they're also on rails like the trains, by the way)

I hope you like it!

Okay. So I built this because I like space, and Lego is due for a space theme that is not licensed (you-know-what) and not linked to a "normal" theme (City, Creator). So yeah, there you go. That's why I built it! I am also fascinated with microscale, and trains are cool as well, so I decided to make a biggol' train system around my complex! There are a couple of turnoffs so the trains can avoid crashing into each other (although, just saying..)

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