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Courier Van


If you want to watch a short video animation, in which more details and functions of this vehicle are shown, you can access this link: 

This courier van is able to deliver securely and quickly packages to any recipient worldwide.

In the front, there are: two headlights, a registration number and a big windshield. Continuing to the sides, we can observe a red and orange pattern, which should represent the logo of the courier company ( it is an imaginary company, not based on any existing one ) and doors, which can be opened and closed. Finally, at the back, there is the same registration number as it is in the front, two red backlights and doors which can also be opened and closed, in order to have access to the inside.

The inside is pretty empty, the floor being covered with tiles, in order to make it easy to get out any boxes or containers.

The only accessories which come with the van are three boxes and of course, a mini figure.

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