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Tabletop Skee-Ball Game

Tired of a dull and boring desk? Look no further!
Introducing the first of its kind Tabletop Skee-Ball Machine: A fun and innovative game made entirely from LEGO bricks! Get ready to bring the arcade to your tabletop and have endless hours of fun!

Whether you're a full-on LEGO arcade enthusiast, someone looking for a great game to have fun with kids, or simply someone who is looking to spice up that boring tabletop, this set will be perfect for you! You're sure to have a ball! With about 600 pieces, a slick mobile design, and a simple, yet advanced system to dispense three balls at a time, this game is sure to be right up your alley
All right, enough with the corny puns, the Tabletop Skee-Ball Game is a fully functional Skee-Ball alley that is built entirely of LEGO bricks. It features a realistic Skee-Ball ramp and a variety of different colored LEGO bricks to add a pop of color to the set. Not only is this set great for LEGO-collecting adults, but it's perfect to teach kids about gears, engineering, architecture, and design! So... what are you waiting for? Let's get this on the shelves now!

Why Skee-Ball? 
Ever since I was young, I have always been interested in building LEGO machines, including vending machines, pinball machines, safes, and more! When I first found out about LEGO Ideas, I submitted a prototype of this machine, but was rejected because it was coin-operated. So, I went onto LEGO Digital Designer, and created a new and improved version.

🤩Come on, support this awesome project today! I can "guaranskee" you won't regret it! 🤩 

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