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The Battle of the Beruna


The Battle of the Beruna is being fought between Aslan's army and the White Witch's army.Whose army will win the battle.You decide if the force of good or evil will win.

On top of the mountain slope of the Fords of Beruna.There you will find Edmund wearing his Narnian Armor fending off the evil Black Dwarf.There are also to red narnian flags.

Down below the mountain you will find Peter fighting General Otmin.Next to Peter there are a few little rocks.Peter has his Narnian armor as well as his sword Rhindon.

What's this,the White Witch is riding in her chariot.The White Witch's Chariot is being pulled by a white horse(in the movie it was several polar bears).The White Witch has a lion fur garment.She has her Wand and a sword.The White Witch's hair is different from her usual crown hairdo.In the movie she had a metal lion head dress.

I also updated the White Witch's wand.It is changed from the blue flame (used in my White Witch's Sleigh set).Now it is more accurate to the one in the movie.

Included inside is:

  • Peter in his armor
  • Edmund in his armor
  • White Witch with her lion's fur garment
  • General Otmin
  • and a Black Dwarf

Please check out my other Narnian sets.Thank you 

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