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Truck Art


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In South Asia, like Pakistan and Afghanistan, many of the trucks are highly decorated with vibrant colors and patterns. They often have chains, bells, and other trinkets that adorn the trucks. The owners/operators of these trucks spend a great deal of money to decorate their trucks which are their livelihoods and often homes away from home when they are working.

I thought highlighting this unique art form in LEGO would make an amazing set as the creative opportunities are pretty endless. A base truck can be created and the cargo portion can be modified at will.

I stayed mostly with the gold and red color schemes for this truck to really shine with a bright color scheme. Tassels, chains, grates, flowers, wedges, dragons, and other gold pieces adorn the entire truck. The hubcaps are gold with translucent studs. I used some other colors on the back gate to contrast with the gold and red of the rest of the truck. The gate has the ability to open. I also created the cargo area of the truck as a single piece that can be removed and the truck can be a flatbed. This is where multiple cargo spaces can be built and easily exchanged on the trucks.

Total piece count: 435

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