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Battle for Stiix


The Titanium Serpentine are attacking Stiix! In their search for the portal keys the titanium serpentine have discovered that one of them is in Ronin's Pizza Parlor (and Pawn Shop). Grand Sensei Dareth has established his latest Mojo Dojo right next door, and as the ninja rush to the scene the innocent Peddler is threatened! Can the ninja protect Stiix?

Includes Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo, Ronin's Pizza Parlor (and Pawn Shop), the Peddler's stand. also includes 13 minifigures: Thai, Louwa, Rio, Sasha, Gali, Ronin, Grand Sensei Dareth, 3 titanium Serpentine, two students and the peddler. 917 Pieces.

Are you ready for a battle over the sea?

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