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Lego ZOO Monkey enclosure

This monkey-enclosure is the first Lego ZOO enclosure.
I already created more and am still creating.
I'll be posting them when the pending one is accepted.

A small detail is that the water is also connecting too all of the other sets.
A fence protect the animals from each-other.

The entrance is already posted (see my other projects)
Every enclosure connects too the other.
This set contains 172 bricks and 3 monkeys.

Here a close-up from the enclosure.
It is 4 bricks deep. guarded with a fence. So that visitors can see everything that happens.

Here you can see how the enclosure fits into the whole ZOO.
And a glim of my next post the shark-tank :-D

This is the overall view for LEGO ZOO.
In this case every enclosure is the same.
But in reality they will all be different.
Also I had the idea for small aquarium tanks. so that you can ask for smaller ones.
They combine together with all of the other enclosures.

Another view.

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