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This is the classic board game, Tic-Tac-Toe. The five o’s are made of single black tires. The x's are made of various grey pieces. This board game even has little drawers to put the playing pieces in. Each drawer locks using a simple hinge. When you are done playing, all you have to do to lock it is pop the game board off and, once the drawers are back in, close the hinges on both sides. Then, just put the game board back on the top. The traditional 3x3 grid has smooth tiles in the middle row for added decoration. The two LEGO minifigures act like the players in this classic game. We have also added a new type of scoring system. If you win a match, you take off a peg from your side. First person with no pegs is declared winner. There are five pegs for each player.

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