Product Idea |

The Royal Ratél

With fine detail and an air of elegance, this project will surely turn you into royalty !

This is a mix of a vintage hotel, Victorian style and royal colours.

Patterned cobble with street lamps lead you to the entrance of the Royal Ratél. A swivel door ensures a grand entrance and enough air flow through the building. Large windows look down onto the streets. The roof is lined with a fancy façade and a centrepiece. The "engine" which powers the lift sits atop the roof.

The lobby has fine crafted furniture such as a grandfather clock. A chandelier hangs from the roof and a bell cart can be seen zipping throughout the hotel. Two rooms and a bathroom occupy the second floor. A foldable ladder can be dropped down and give you access to the roof. The last couple of images shows some of the pieces and furniture in the idea.

Why I built it
I chose random pieces and wanted to build a vintage-style, modular building with them. I eventually ended up with this building. It has great architecture and detail as well as some functionality (the lift). 

Pieces: 2 979
    Size: 32 x 32 studs

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