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More Micro-Mobs for Minecraft

I love the idea of the Micro World but it seems a bit of a 'vanilla' experience for Minecraft. I hope that, with support, there will be more Micro-Mobs in future sets. I have created these examples using LEGO Digital Designer.

Here we can see a zombie, an endeman and two sizes of slimes. Of course in the finished version, stickers would be added for the details and the facial features.

Here we can see a pig without saddle, a pig, the player (with arms and sword) ad a creeper (already made).

Here we can see a white villager, a red villager, a skeleton archer and a sheep. I hope you like my designs.

Finally, we have a pig zombie, a cow, a wolf, a chicken and a black villager. I hope you can support and look at my other projects as well as this one.

Thank you for reading!

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