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Discworld - Mini Worlds

The Discworld, a world that exists only on the back of a flying turtle… that and in 40 novels, 3 movies and a host of other incarnations in-between.

In fact there are so many elements to draw from when looking at the Discworld it is hard to even know where to start; it is also hard to think that the output from one of the greatest living story tellers wouldn’t be popular in Lego form.

The project I am putting forward here is one that allows a ‘snippet’ from several classic Discworld locations and characters to be placed in a small bookshelf styled display, possibly next to the books themselves :)

The model itself shows 6 locations, each built separately and then clipped together in any order you like to form a longer display.

It would be lovely to see this (or another) Discworld project reach the 10,000 vote mark so please vote for this.

Death’s House – This scene is in classic black and white and includes Death chatting with Susan

The Disc – This scene shows Rincewind and the Luggage traveling across the Disc

The Heath – This scene shows Granny Weatherwax complete with Cauldron and Grebo (who should really be with Nanny Ogg, but hey, it isn’t the Discworld without Grebo)

The Office – This scene shows Lord Vetinari hard at word dictating over the city of Ankh-Morpork

The Streets of Ankh-Morpork – This small street has Samuel Vimes on patrol with an onlooking dragon that must have escaped from Lady Sybil’s care.

The Unseen Library – This scene has the one and only Librarian keeping watch over his beloved books, with banana in paw of course.

A closer look alows you to see some of the details within each scene.

The stars of the model - The characters

There were a few custom colours required for this finish. Susan's hair, Rincewinds hat (complete with Wizard markings) and the Librarian all needed custom paint work, something I am not a fan off but in this case simply couldn't get around.

The rest of the parts are standard Lego printed parts and even the parts that are painting are painted over standard parts.

Given the volume of characters created across the 40 books there are hundreds to pick from and I have selected a few of my favourites and I hope you like them.
Please vote and push this project on towards the 10,000 mark.

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