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The Planet Explorer


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Hey Lego friends!

I hereby present my new Lego Planet Explorer set. With my love for zeppelins and spaceships, I combined these two into one. I also made a custom card and holder for display. Hope you’ll enjoy it!


Fly through the big galaxy and explore endless planets with the fully equipped Planet Explorer! With a complete interior of 6 rooms, a cockpit and a cargo hold it is ready for long trips. It is standing on a planet where they return now and then to fuel their ship for their long journey ahead.


- Fully working interior
- Easily removable roof
- The Planet Explorer can easily be taken off the planet

Outside of the ship:
- Satellites
- Camera’s
- Engines
- Steering wings
- Lights
- Ladders
- Cockpit and cargo door
- Roof hatch
- Decorative details

Interior of the ship:
- Decompression room (when entering the roof hatch)
- Gear chamber
- Laboratory (to investigate found materials)
- Control room with a power pole
- Bathroom
- Bedroom
- Kitchen

The planet:
- Woods
- Small mountains with a river and cave
- A well built by The Planet Explorer crew to get resources out of the ground

Mini figures:
- 5 scouts
- 2 leaders
- 1 material collector
- 1 repair droid
- 1 decompression room controller
- 2 scientists
- 2 chefs
- 4 control room operators
- 1 planet creature
- 1 skeleton

Lego has never built any real shaped zeppelin set like this. That’s why I think it would be perfect if they would make a set of it! With everything easily removable, it’s perfect to play with and for display.

Thank you so much for looking at my Planet Explorer model. Be sure to support this if you also would love to see it as a set :) It would mean a lot! If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment!

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