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The Brick Separator!

This build is me...The Brick Separator! It escaped its chains and is back for revenge separating whole cities and its residents! The build features movable eyes that allow for different expressions, movable short arms that tear minifigs apart, a light brick in its mouth, and a hole in its mouth to eat things like bricks. Notice the brick separator for its tail.

I built this because I have a lot of brick separators and I wanted to make a funny build that could serve as the mascot for my channel. This is also the second version of this idea which I had previously submitted to LEGO Ideas. The build would make a fun Lego set because it is cool and durable.  Every Lego fan knows what a brick separator is and most people have at least one. If you're like me, you have a lot!

I have a video showing in depth each function!

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