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Little Super Robots

Hello, This is my 2nd project submission.

Without possessing many bricks, I love to build small stuff.
I love robots and super heros very much, so are my favourite topics in Lego MOC.

Here come my little super robot team.

All robots are coming from Japanese animation / cartoon during 70s to 80s. They are still popular today. Thanks to the from-time-to-time commerical toy products released in different versions or with modifications. They are also active characters in Super Robot Wars Game.

You may find they are not built with exact details by comparing from the originals, so please share your time to imagine who they are. (You can find the answers after the last photo)

Get your happy childhood memory refreshed and enjoy it again.

Thank you. :)

Answer to the first photo:
Start from left: Dancouga, Vehicle Voltron, Voltron, God Mars.

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