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Tom & Jerry: Fast & Furry / Tom's Car

LEGO colors used: orange, yellow, transparent yellow, white, transparent white, grey, beige, light blue, black, red, brown, transparent red, green, pink and purple.
I recreated Tom's car in the movie "Tom & Jerry: Fast & Furry", with all its accessories.
In the front part of the car we find: the engine, the car light that comes out, the rope that supports the bumper and the blue tag.
Two opening doors and a rear hood. 
Interchangeable pieces: spring wheel, glass dome, tube that shoots fish juice and emergency balloons.
Objects inside the vehicle: fishing rod with magnet, anchor, screwdriver as a car key and bellows.
I have always loved this film as a child and I am very happy to have created this set, for those who know it like me I hope you like it.

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