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The Box

What is it?
The last box you will need for assembling your sets.
Why did I build it?
If you are like me you've gotten tired of searching for a box to place Lego Bricks in while building. The shoebox at the bottom of the closet? The plastic box from the kitchen? No more!! Now you never need to search for a box again. Just one need to build this one for yourself. But once done you will have a pantheon to Lego.
  • Total Piece Count: 1949 (Year of Lego's founding)
  • Dimensions: 14" X 12" X 5.5"
  • Built-in alcoves that can be filled with your own mini-figures, art or sculpture(s)
  • Four Lego Brick Separators used as functioning pieces to support the roof (lid)
  • Unique Basket Weave Pattern for floor (base)
  • "Brick" handle that contains a surprise: a Brick Separator "case" for portability in case of pulling emergencies

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