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Sherlock Holmes - 221 Baker Street


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The game is afoot, my fellow Lego ideas users!

This set is based on the most legendary of detectives, Sherlock Holmes! I designed this set because of my love for the stories and the movies, and this set aims to capture all the nostalgia and intrigue of the stories.

Why would this set be a good Lego Ideas set? Elementary, my dear Watson!

This set would be good because of the playability and fun associated with it. Everyone can roleplay Sherlock and Watson solving mysteries within literally any franchise that Lego produces, and the set itself is a very nice modular that would fit in anywhere within a city scape. As well, it's a great display piece for any fans of English architecture or Sherlock Holmes!

Now, for the features!

  • 4 figures, each based on a different portrayal of the actors who played them across the years: Sherlock Holmes (as played by Peter Cushing), Dr. Watson (as played by Andrei Panin), Professor Moriarty (as played by Jared Harris), and Inspector Lestrade (as played by Colin Jeavons)!
  • A figure of the Hound of the Baskervilles!
  • Many rooms to form 221B: Watson's bedroom (with typewriter!), Sherlock's Bedroom, library, study, botanical garden, living room (with many of Watson's and Holmes's weapons and a fireplace!), and the foyer, with a coat rack and bench!
  • House opens up to access the interior, and closes for transport and display!

You know the methods, Watson. Be sure to like and share this project if you wish to see this set on shelves, and leave a comment! Thanks for looking.

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