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Retro Space Car


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Let me take you inside the mind of a 1950's engineer, or rather to the dreams of that engineer.
Back in the 50's they had strong hopes and beliefs that rather soon then late, the cars would not only be flying, they would venture in to space.
Well this car is all that, if it would have actually happened back then.

It features:
  • Vintage bodywork inspired by 50's styled cars
  • Separated hinge-able cockpit for driver and passenger
  • Decorative stance with lunar surface
  • Futuristic power-source in the bottom of the car
  • Whole lots of chrome

This would make a great LEGO set for the sci-fi lovers, and the 50's era enthousiast.
It contains 1080 bricks and is more of an CREATOR expert style build.

I hope you guys like it and I'll see you all on mars!

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