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Doomseeker the Dragon


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A LEGO version of a dragon made up by me. Made by Technic pieces.  Leave a comment if there are any other color or kind of dragons you would like made. Other kinds of dragons i can make include sea, earth, sky, ice, rain, and fire. The legs, arms, tail, wings, head, and even body can be bent into different positions. It is about 1 foot long with a wingspan of 10 inches. I based it off of a book series I like. It has a whip-thin tail, spines on its back, sharp fangs and powerful  jaws, and razor edged claws. Hope you like. Please support. This dragon is a night dragon, and has the ability to disappear into shadows, read minds, and foretell the future. He is a male dragon named Doomseeker, and an outcast of his tribe.

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