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The Amphicar 770

The Amphicar 770... A bad car, and a bad boat. But it's cool.

About the car:

Launched in 1961, the vehicle is a mix of a car and a boat, the thinking being that. you could drive on land and also on water. The amphicar, however, was not very good at doing either what a car does or what a boat does, so only 3878 were manufactured. The limited number makes them a sought after and collectible car, selling now for up to $75,000.

Why make one in LEGO?

As they are very rare in real life, a LEGO version would be a great way for more people to enjoy this classic car. The builds for the car and display aren't too large, so most people could afford one, while still managing to capture the car's iconic shape and one of the iconic colours too! While it is small, the build has a lot of nice parts usage, such as the chairs for the back, and most of it is built on the side making for an interesting build experience.

If you like the build and want to see this classic car brought to life, then please support the project and share. Thanks!

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