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Tri Changer Dino Jet Mecha

Disclaimer: Any resemblance to rival toy companies' myriad of character/toys are PURELY coincidental. :]

This MOC is a hit in various level. Imagine combining kids favorite Jurassic era Dinosaurs with futuristic jet... and top it off with a mecha mode as well!

After trampling down little toy soldiers in dino mode... now kids can transform this MOC into a sleek looking jet and "pilot" it around the house and up down stairs, into the kitchen (and dip the nosecone into mom's newly prepared grub eeeer gravy) .. and attack other playsets as well , knocking down other smaller ,weaker toys (transforming or not/ yes.. this includes a battalion of cute Ponies in sister's room) standing there as fodders waiting to be annihilated . lets finish off with final transformation into a mecha to perch on top of the sieged tower and claim victory! yeah! Let him stand there with fist punching up for the rest of the night... awaiting tomorrow's adventures.

So the above would be what I'll think kids around the world will do if this MOC (or to be precise.. its concept) be mass produced.

On a technical side.. this MOC as usual... transforms without separating and reconnecting parts. The dino mode has fair amount of articulation (neck, limb and tail as well). The mecha mode is very articulated with various possible cool poses.

Few photos of him here doesn't do him justice. click below for my blog entry for tons of photos including transformation sequence:

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