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Olivia’s Get-Away


‘As the world is modernising; cosy villages turn into busy cities, coins replacing trade markets, the rich taking control over the poor.. Olivia likes to be on her own and wants to escape the harsh reality she living in.

Sealed from society deep into the woods, she lives in a weathered cottage doing what she does best, magic. She’s a witch and doesn’t fit in with the general population anyway.’

Olivia’s Get-Away is a MOC I really enjoyed building, it uses most of my favorite colors.

It features an Olive Green cottage with a shed situated on a rather dark yet colorful landscape, which perfectly fits the personality of the featured character of the MOC.

Details like the overal weathered look, animals, flowers, brick build trees, accessoires at the back of the house make this build come to live. Even as a display piece, there’s always something new to discover.

Not included in the MOC is a fully detailed interior. A small table, chair, sewing machine, fire place, even a laboratory to experiment with herbs could be included in an updated version.

Thank you for looking at my MOC. I hope you like it as much as I do. If you do, please support me and spread the word. Thank you.




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